How Do I Schedule a Post?

Plan and schedule your visual content for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & Twitter. 

Step 1: Select a Social Profile 

  1.  Go to the Schedule tab 
  2.  From the top menu select the social profile you'd like to schedule to. 

Step 2: Go to your Media Library 

Next go to the Media tab and select the photo you'd like to schedule and click Create Post.

Tip: from here you can select multiple media items to add a label to, save to camera roll or delete. 

Step 3: Schedule your Post

To schedule:

  1. Select the photo (you can schedule both used and unused media)
  2. tap Create Post.
  3. Add your caption, add a link for and Crop photo
  4. tap the Next button and select the date and time to schedule.

If you're scheduling for Instagram use your Visual Instagram Planner to see what your post will look like!

Tip: Save your mostly commonly used hashtags or captions as a Saved Caption so you can quickly add them in when scheduling. There's no need to type everything out again!