How to Add or Remove Social Profiles

Plan and schedule your visual marketing content for Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter all from one Later account.

Note: Currently you can only add social profiles from Later on the web and must be the  primary account owner in order to make changes.

Adding Your Social Profiles:

1. Sign into  Later on the web and click the Group Selector in the bottom left corner

2. Select the Group you'd like to add your social profile to

Note: If you're on a free plan you will be managing all your social profiles in one group. To better manage your social profiles check out our Groups guide.

3. Once you're in the group, click the + symbol at the top of the Calendar and follow the steps to connect your social profile.

4. Follow the prompts and you're done!

Remove A Social Profiles

  1. Sign into Later on the web and click on the Group Selector
  2. Click Manage My Groups and go into the Group that contains the social profile you'd like to remove

3. From the Social Profiles tab find the social profile and click Remove and confirm.

Note: If you're trying to remove your last social profile connected to Later you will not be able to remove it. There must always be at least one social profile connected to Later.