Scheduling Twitter Posts

Here’s how Twitter scheduling works:

  • Auto-posts! That’s right, Twitter has no restrictions on auto-posting so simply schedule and leave the posting up to us
  • Twitter post must be scheduled with a photo/video (text only coming soon!)
  • Post limits: Free plans have 50 Twitter posts per month while paid plans have unlimited Twitter posts. Twitter and Instagram posts are counted separate
  • Number of social profiles: 1 social profile per social network, so free & plus plans can manage 1 Instagram account and 1 Twitter account, premium plans 2 Instagram accounts and 2 Twitter accounts and so on.

Scheduling Twitter posts on mobile 

Step 1: Select your Social Profile

Go to the  Schedule tab and select your Twitter profile from the drop-down menu.                                                                        

Step 2: Choose your photo & schedule 

Once you're in the right social profile go to your Media Library and choose the photo you'd like to Tweet.

Next, create your post, add your text, and select a time to post.