Group Switching on Mobile

Create groups to better manage team member access to your photos, videos, and Instagram accounts within Later. Plus with groups you can have multiple media libraries, so you don’t have to share your photos and videos with all your social profiles and team members.

Important: Groups are only available for paid plans.

Step 1: Create a Group

Create a group from Later on the web to better organize your media library by social profiles and team member access. Learn how.

Step 2: Switching Between Groups on Mobile

Access your Groups from the Later mobile app and start scheduling your posts.

To toggle between groups go to your Account tab

Next, click Switch Groups and select the group from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Schedule your Week of Posts

  1.  Go to the Schedule tab on the Later App 
  2.  From the top select the social profile you'd like to schedule to. 

Next go select the  Media tab to access your photos and videos 

Find the media item you want to schedule and click   Create Post.

Add your caption and edit your Crop. Once you're done editing, tap the Next button and select the date and time to schedule

Tip: Add Media Notes to draft your captions for all of your posts. The notes will automatically copy over into the caption field when the photo is schedule. Each caption can then be customized for your Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook posts. To add a Note simply click Add Notes