Search and Repost on Mobile

If you’re trying to generate more valuable content for your Instagram, look no further!

Search and Repost on mobile helps you collect and publish user-generated content, directly from your Instagram community. Simply search for hashtags, usernames, and posts that you’ve liked, and once you find the photos and videos that best represent your brand, you can quickly add them to your media library and schedule them to your Instagram feed!

Important: Search & Repost on mobile is only available for  paid plans.

Step 1: Go to Search tab

From the Later mobile app, go to the Search tab

Step 2: Filter your Search

 In the search field, you can search by:

  • #hashtags
  • @usernames
  • and, by the posts you’ve <3 

Step 3: Add Post to Media Library

Once you find the photo or video that you want to repost, simply open it and add it to your Media Library by clicking Add to Library.

Tip: From here you can also like the photo! 

The original caption will automatically be copied into your Media Notes, so when you schedule the photo, you’ll know exactly who to give credits to!

Before re-posting, make sure to ask for permission to use their photo or video. Learn more about  Instagram’s community guidelines!

Step 4: Schedule your Post

Finally, go to your Media Library to  schedule your newly collected content.