Plan your Instagram posts with your Visual Instagram Planner

Visual Instagram Planner

Curate a stellar Instagram feed by previewing your scheduled Instagram post with your current feed from the Later mobile app. 

Save even more time by planning and scheduling your posts with your Visual Instagram Planner from Later on the web. Start by preview your photos with your feed, then with a simple drag and drop motion you can rearrange the order of the photos or swap one photo for another. Once you’re happy with the look simply save the changes to bulk schedule all the photos. 

Visual Instagram Planner On Mobile:

From the Later app, go to the Schedule tab and click the Preview button in the top left corner

The grid will automatically show your existing Instagram feed and your scheduled posts (distinguished by the Instagram icon)

To change the order of your posts tap the post you wish to rearrange in your feed, change the time and date to change the post order.

Finally hit  Save in the top right corner to post to save the change

Visual Instagram Planner on The Web:

In two quick steps:

1. Create your own   AutoSchedule from Later on the web

2.  Preview, plan, and rearrange your photos from Preview

Note: Drag and drop Visual Instagram Planner is currently only available from Later on the web. Coming soon on the Later mobile app.

Step 1: Create Your Own Instagram AutoSchedule.

To plan and schedule with your Visual Instagram Planner you’ll first need to create your own weekly  AutoSchedule by selecting the ideal posting times from your content calendar. 

To add a timeslot to your weekly AutoSchedule, simply double click on your ideal time. 

Step 2: Plan Your Instagram Feed

From Later on the web click Preview in the top right corner of your content calendar to access your Visual Instagram Planner.

Your Visual IG Planner will show:

  • Your scheduled posts (you can re-arrange these)
  • Your last 20 Instagram photos 
  • A list of the scheduled posts with the scheduled times & dates

To preview your photos in your feed select the photos/videos from the side library in the order you wish them to appear in your Instagram feed.

Next, click Add to Preview or drag and drop the photos into the visual planner. 

Change the order of your photos by dragging the photos/videos around to rearrange the look of your feed. 

Once you’re happy with the way your photos are organized click  Save Changes. The scheduled dates & times will be reflected in the Post Schedule list located to the right. 

Note: You can delete a photo that doesn’t fit by clicking the “x” in the corner, or drag more photos onto your feed from your media library on the side. 

And you're done!

Your photos will be AutoScheduled for you, ready for you to add a caption and hashtags.